GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update

GTA Online Gets New Meta Expansion

Rockstar is known for creating a satirical narrative of the world through the Grand Theft Auto series of games and the latest update coming to GTA Online is so meta that it’s not even satire at this point. The update will see the Southern San Andreas economy in crisis with rocketing petrol prices, troubled supply routes and a record-breaking heatwave – sound familiar?

The reveal trailer for the GTA Online update show cases a newscaster stating that “this summer continues to break records for the hottest temperature since last year!” adding a fantastic little spin on how it seems each year’s heatwaves are getting hotter and hotter.

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It appears that players will be stealing oil from the major oil tycoons in the game in order to take advantage of the surging energy costs that are happening in San Andreas and in real life. The trailer has quite a heavy ’80s theme to it with a voice even stating “it’s like I am back in 1981 – oil tycoons are back in style”.

The trailer has a number of things happening on screen that looks like stealing oil will not be a simple smash-and-grab. It looks like players will need to involve multiple organisations and face off against the egregious disappearing Terminator-style Juggernauts wielding chain guns (who made the Doomsday Heist incredibly frustrating). Overall, looks like a good time.

It’s not clear, however, if this will require players to purchase a new business and run through a series of missions for payment at the end, as was the case with the recent GTA Online The Contract update featuring Dr. Dre, or if we can run through it one of our already owned enterprises. The update will also bring a number of quality of life changes including a nerf to the Oppresor Mk 2’s homing missiles, and bigger payouts to a number of heists.

Rockstar has already confirmed that it will end support for Red Dead Online in order to shift development focus to GTA 6. The upcoming GTA 6 is also reportedly using an engine that is “ahead of its time”.

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