GTA Online on PS5 Includes Elite Driving Performance Cars That Drive Faster

"Rockstar is finally moving to the future with SSDs"

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GTA Online on PS5 Includes Elite Driving Performance Cars That Drive Faster

Rockstar Games plans on releasing the PS5 version of GTA V and GTA Online on 15 March and there are some exciting new features to look forward to. The studio claims that the experience will include a range of visual enhancements such as HDR, raytracing and faster loading times. It also seems that certain cars will drive faster in GTA Online thanks to the performance boosts across these consoles.

In GTA Online, Hao’s Special Works auto shop will allow players to upgrade a total of ten cars at launch into Elite Driving Performance cars. According to Rockstar, these cars will take full advantage of the upgraded power of the console hardware.

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These Elite Driving Performance cars will then be able to reach a higher max speed than others in the game. However, this feature is limited to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Thanks to the super-fast SSD hardware inside these consoles, these cars can now drive faster than ever before.

Why is this happening you may be asking yourself? Well, the PS3 and PS4 both used slower HDDs. This limited the GTA Online engine when it came to how fast it could render the game world while the player raced across it. This forced Rockstar Games to limit the max speed in certain vehicles so they were able to keep up with how fast the surrounding environment was being rendered in the game.

Thanks to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the game world can now render in split seconds so these cars can drive faster thanks to the lack of bottlenecking on the HDD. While it isn’t an industry-moving feature and SSDs have been around for years already, it is nice to see Rockstar Games finally stepping into the future for a change.

Source: Rockstar

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