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GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Sells 10 Million Units

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has sold around 10 million units since its launch late last year, publisher Take-Two announced in a recent earnings report. While GTA V still managed to sell 5 million units over the holiday period, GTA Trilogy was surprisingly the clear bread winner.

As reported by Wccftech, Take-Two Interactive announced that the GTA franchise had sold around 15 million units over the last quarter. GTA V was revealed to have sold about 5 million units, meaning that the remaining 10 million units were for the GTA Trilogy.

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The GTA Trilogy, which remasters GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, launched in a notoriously broken state, with the game being slammed for its numerous technical issues and bugs upon release. However, Rockstar has since released several patches to remedy most of these issues.

The high demand for the GTA Trilogy can also be attributed to its fractured launch. It first released digital only before finding a physical release a few weeks later, planting it firmly around the big holiday season rush.

Despite the well-documented plethora of issues that plagued the remastered package, it still managed to sell enough presumably based on the brand recognition and the fact that it remasters three classic GTA titles.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed the issues surrounding the bundle, but promised to work on making it a better experience:

“Yes, we are totally focused on quality here and we always want to deliver the best possible experience. Very occasionally we fall short, and I think the trilogy was an example of that, and the title was launched with some issues. We’ve addressed many of them, there are more fixes to come. Going forward, we remain highly focused on quality, and we are exceedingly confident in all of our upcoming [GTA] releases.”

Take-Two and Rockstar were also quick to confirm that development had already begun on the next major installment in the franchise, GTA 6, though offered little details beyond that. Fans are expecting a reveal to happen in the coming years. However, with GTA V still making waves in the sales department, it doesn’t seem like Rockstar are in any rush to get the anticipated sixth entry out anytime soon.

Source: Wccftech

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