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GTA V Actor for Michael Plays Coy About GTA 6 Involvement

GTA V voice actor Ned Luke, who portrays protagonist Michael de Santa in the game, has (kind of) addressed whether or not he’s involved in the upcoming GTA 6. Luke, speaking in a recent interview, didn’t flat-out deny his involvement in the highly anticipated upcoming game but also didn’t give a direct answer either. The actor says he’s currently under NDA, which only adds further fuel to the speculative fire.

Earlier this week, real-life jewel thief turned life coach Larry Lawton interviewed Ned Luke, opening the chat with “I’ve got a great interview… Michael from Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto 6, here he is Ned Luke!” As soon as GTA 6 is mentioned, Luke quickly corrects Lawton by saying, “GTA 6 is… unknown things right now – just to make that clear.” Luke jokingly added that Lawton “had a senior moment” while dismissing the GTA 6 talk.

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However, the topic is brought up again later in the interview with Luke responding:

“Who knows if I even am in it, or not? Historically, you would say no, because they never re-use the protagonists. I still have the NDA that I’m under. So even if knew anything I couldn’t say anything. I’d have to kill you.”

While it’s true that Rockstar Games never re-uses protagonists in the GTA series, there’s still the small possibility that Michael could appear in GTA 6, either in a smaller, non-playable capacity or for a cameo. This has happened in past games, such as GTA III protagonist Claude Speed appearing in San Andreas or CJ being the subject of an Easter egg in GTA V, so the door is being left open for now.

This isn’t the first time that Ned Luke has been involved in something related to GTA 6. Earlier this month when Rockstar dropped the reveal trailer for the game, Luke recorded himself reacting to the video and went on a hilarious tangent about the trailer containing “a lot of big butts.”

GTA 6 is currently in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Larry Lawton

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