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GTA V on PS5 Can Burn in a Fire as Fans Are Now Fed Up

Rockstar Games seems to believe that fans want yet another enhanced edition of GTA V. The studio officially announced the so-called “Expanded and Enhanced” game during the PlayStation Showcase last week and fans have finally said enough is enough. How many times can you release GTA V you may ask? Well, if you’re not familiar with the series, this marks the third release across three whole console generations.

GTA V was released on PS3 back in September 2013, PS4 November 2014 and now the PS5 version is coming our way in 2022. This means the game would be nine years old when it releases in March 2022 for PS5. As much as Rockstar Games claims the visuals have been improved, it looks rough around the edges. Especially when you compare the game to the masterpiece which is Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Thankfully, fans have now started to complain about this re-release of GTA V. Reddit has blown up with angry posts and memes regarding the announcement. Many of them demanding a free upgrade across console generations. While Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed the game is a separate purchase, they will probably lock the release behind a full retail price tag. Keep in mind that this would mark the third time players have had to purchase GTA V in order to play the console-upgraded version.

The GTA V PS5 announcement trailer isn’t doing too well either. Since its debut on 9 September, it has hit over 1.4 million views and it sitting on 90k dislikes and 23k likes. Viewers are questioning the lack of visual upgrades on the game. Many of them claim it looks the same even though Rockstar Games says it now has improved visuals and enhanced gameplay. What this enhanced gameplay refers to has yet to be detailed. In the trailer, they showcase the same stuff we have experienced in both the PS3 and PS4 versions.

This uproar isn’t going to change anything. Rockstar Games will still release GTA V on PS5 next year at a full R1400/$70 price tag and get away with it.

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