GTA V PS5, Series X/S Pricing and Bundles Explained

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GTA V PS5 Xbox Series XS
GTA V PS5, Series X/S Pricing and Bundles Explained

GTA V is releasing for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on 15 March but gamers can grab the game starting today. If you are confused as to what comes free with what platforms, we have you covered.

Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is split into two packages. There’s the GTA V: Story Mode and Grand Theft Auto Online. However, PS5 owners only have to buy one of these packs due to GTA Online being free for a limited time on PlayStation. Xbox Series X/S owners can’t buy the Story Mode without the Online mode included. I know, it is confusing.

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If you are on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, you need to purchase GTA V: Story Mode if you plan on playing the single-player campaign. The PS5 version costs R179. On Xbox Series X/S, GTA V costs R359.50 because it includes both the Online mode and Story Mode.

On PS5, GTA Online is free until 14 June 2022. However, when the game launches on 15 March, users can purchase it for R179 at a special introductory price. After 14 June, this price then goes up to R359.

Either way you look at it, both platforms will cost you the same amount of money in the end. If you only want to play GTA Online, it is R179 on both PS5 and Xbox. Even though the PS5 version is free until June, you can still purchase it at launch and save money thanks to the introductory price. If you want to play the Story Mode, the same applies. Whatever you do, if you’re planning on playing GTA V on these consoles, buy the game before the price goes up in June.

GTA V PS5 and Xbox Series X/Pricing

  • PS5
    • GTA V: Story Mode – R179.95 (R719 from 15 June)
    • GTA V Online – Free and R179 until 14 June (R359 from 15 June)
    • The bundle will cost R1079 from 15 June
  • Xbox Series X/S
    • GTA V Online and Story Mode – R359 (R719 from 15 June)
    • GTA Online Standalone Mode – R179.50 (R359 from 15 June)
    • The bundle will cost R1079 from 15 June

The games are now available to pre-load on both consoles. The download comes in at 89GB in total. You can read more about the file size here.

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