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GTA V Source Code Sold by 17-Year-Old Hacker

The GTA 6 hack, while being the biggest leak in video game history, also included content from GTA 5. In fact, the 17-year-old hacker, who is currently being detained in a youth detention centre after pleading not guilty to the charges, stole the source code for GTA V during the hack. Reports claim now that the hacker sold the game’s source code before he was arrested meaning someone out there has the raw development code for the game.

At first, it wasn’t clear whether or not the hacker managed to sell the code. During the leak, he posted on Telegram that he managed to obtain the files. It was followed up by a snippet of the code showing off the game files and the request for sale. Reports now suggest that someone actually got in touch with the hacker and purchased the source code.

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This is a major problem for Rockstar Games now. If resold, the GTA V source code would open up the game to exploits, unsafe mods and major security breaches. This is because the source code contains the raw code used to create the game. Hackers and modders could use this code to find exploits and loopholes in the released game and exploit them. The single-player aspect of GTA V isn’t at risk but the online mode and the safety of all the millions of players are a concern.

At the moment things seem calm surrounding the GTA 5 and GTA 6 hack. The hacker called Teapot was arrested last week at their Oxfordshire home. The hacker is reportedly responsible for multiple network intrusions including Rockstar, Microsoft and Uber. As for the source code, we don’t know where it has gone and who has purchased it. However, only time will tell what the true intentions of the buyer are and why they bought the code from the hacker.

Source: Reddit

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