It may still be a while until we know of a GTA VI release date. According to new rumours, the game is halfway done but will also release as a moderately sized game with Rockstar adding more content to it as the months go by. Last month, Rockstar Games made changes to its Grand Theft Auto VI websites which many thought would result in a reveal. However, that was not the case.

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According to well-sourced industry insider Tez2, Grand Theft Auto VI is more than halfway done. The user tweeted the information this morning questioning Kotaku’s report that the game is in “early stages of development” saying that it is hard to believe it is possible when he has word that GTA VI is actually halfway done.

In Kotaku’s report about Rockstar’s work ethics it was revealed that the next instalment in the Rockstar series may actually be smaller than GTA V. The report claims that in order to reduce the crunch and stress, the developers are working on a moderately sized Grand Theft Autio VI, which will still be pretty huge. The game will then be expanded with regular updates over time.

It is hard to believe both of these rumours as Kotaku claims Grand Theft Auto VI is in early development while Tez2 states it is already past the halfway mark. Tez2 did then state that perhaps Kotaku’s “early” means that we are nowhere close to release.

We won’t see the game for at least eight months before launch as Rockstar does not reveal their new titles until they are almost ready for release. One thing is for sure, we have a while to wait before we know of a GTA VI release date and even longer before a release becomes a reality.

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