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GTA Vice City Deleted Mission Casted Tommy Vercetti in a Movie

Almost 20 full years after its original release in 2002, GTA Vice City continues to amaze as a dataminer has uncovered remnants of code that seemingly point to a cut mission in the Miami-based title. The mission, supposedly, would see Tommy Vercetti being cast in a movie, which Youtuber and dataminer Vadim M has pieced back together.

Interestingly, though, the code was not found on the original copy of the game, but on a copy of the release of the GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, which explains why it has never been found before. It would appear that there are remnants of code that were meant to be removed from the final build, but never were.

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According to PCGamesN, Grove Street Games – the studio that was responsible for creating the definitive editions for the GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – missed some parts of the source code that were flagged for internal use only, and left the code in the final build. These flagged pieces of code are probably why we have never heard of this cut mission before, and with them being left in the recent release of the GTA The Trilogy, dataminers were bound to find them.

As we said, the same dataminer who found the code has also pieced the code back together to give us a look at what could have been. In the footage, we see Tommy Vercetti walking out of a police station while being followed back to the Malibu Club. After a shootout unfolds, Tommy then high-tails it out of there in a Banshee, which then crashes into some barrels, explodes, leaving him and his companion “dead”.

This was seemingly a cutscene that would have played at some point during the mission, with Vadim even discovering cut dialogue where movie producer Steve Scott asks Tommy if he would like to start in a car chase scene.

Source: PCGamesN

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