New co-op Heist Game From Ex-Payday Developer In The Works
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GTFO Dev 10 Chambers Working on New Co-Op Heist Game

From the mind of the ex-game designer behind Payday and the current CEO/creative director of 10 Chambers, Ulf Andersson, comes a new entry into the world of cooperative heist games. After the success of the Swedish game studio’s first game, GTFO, it seems like Andersson is returning to his roots with his studio’s new, still untitled game.

In an interview about this new title, Andersson described the studio’s upcoming game as a Heist game, similar to Payday but with a solid techno-thriller theme. The game will be a Stealth-based first-person shooter. According to Andersson, players can expect a strong cyberpunk influence.

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The approach is the most significant difference between the upcoming game and Payday. Andersson says his forthcoming game will be less about continuous shooting and more about stealth. In an interview, Andersson said:

“It won’t be continuous shooting; Payday had a big problem where the action would accelerate and then it would just accelerate.”

New co-op Heist Game From Ex-Payday Developer In The Works

Another area of the upcoming stealth FPS that is being fine-tuned is the difficulty. The developers don’t want to create a game where you can sneak around for an hour only to die instantly and have to start from scratch again. Instead, they want their game to be somewhat of a more forgiving and “smooth” gaming experience.

As of now, the upcoming stealth FPS doesn’t have a release window or an official name yet, and the game is still in pre-production. However, according to Ulf Andersson, progress is happening fast. Talking about heist games, Payday 3 is still in development over at Overkill Software and, from what we already know, will run on the Unreal Engine and is scheduled to release sometime in 2023.

Source: NME

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