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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

Legions beyond the sequel and moderately more over even the iconic classic first movie. This stands alone as a bastion of magnificent cinematography, character development, character backstory, wholesome story arcs, interstellar performances, absolutely heart-wrenching, gut-punching raw emotional scenes and just all around one of the best Marvel movies made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe {MCU}. This is what the MCU needed, this is what makes the MCU great. I never much vibed with the second one and while the first one was fun to watch, kicking off this whole thing, it had only stand-out scenes whereas this movie trumps them all with just a masterpiece of everything awesome and amazing while all coming together wonderfully in a cohesive vision. If James Gunn is bringing even a fraction of this to the DCEU then we are in for a wanderlust of “fan-gasmic” proportions. If this is the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy then let it be the most glorious end to a beloved family of heroes from the most tragic backstories that found healing in each other and saving the whole entire universe. The perfect end to a trilogy.

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Rocket’s backstory

Rocket is experimented on, painfully, as a baby Racoon by the High Evolutionary that gives him his extraordinary mind, ability to speak and manoeuvrability.

The entire heart and soul of this movie. I was weeping, ugly crying by the end. That last 30 minutes of the movie are going to get you good, be warned. Just raw, visceral emotional scenes that are powerfully gut-punching in their reliving. When you see all that, he went through it’s hard to imagine how he still found a way to pick himself up, live a life in the galaxy, laugh and joke around the way that he does. I love animals with all my heart, they are a pure innocence that needs to be protected at all costs so when I see them being harmed in any way it hurts me more than most. Which also makes you realize that this could actually be happening in the world right now. Underground facilities that are experimenting and torturing animals in horrific ways that we will never know about yet whose pain should haunt you the way that they will in this movie. Those scientists out there that are as evil or indifferent in reality to the pain of animals as the High Evolutionary is in fiction need to be punished for their crimes.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

Lylla said it best, it has been his story all alone we just didn’t know it. Bradley Cooper still baffles me as the voice of Rocket, I just have never seen it coming. His work in this movie is Oscar-worthy because he conveys so much with so little and just his voice. The way you get such goosebumps when he builds his first contraption and can truly appreciate his utter brilliance in how he can take all these derelict pieces of unimportance and somehow construct something unimaginably powerful and important.

Groot could have been more

I don’t understand why he wasn’t. Rocket is hurt by Adam Warlock and they all have to race to save him.

Granted there were a lot of revolving character arcs and scene spotlights but I think with the bond that Rocket and Groot have always shared especially with how gutted Rocket was over a twig by the end of the first movie. That in this one we would see more of Groot’s emotional side about losing his “father figure”. That would have added to the sentiment of the movie tenfold but they instead substituted that with a more human face, I guess that could convey that pain. Still, I would have liked to see the urgency of Groot in this to save his OG daddy.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

The High Evolutionary as a True Villain; better than Kang

Oh, how I’ve missed this, a villain through and through. Irredeemable, atrocious, vile, cruel, intimidating, unhinged, disgusting and just truly despicable in every conceivable way. We haven’t had a villain like this in such a long long time. Now every villain has a redeemable quality or story arc that makes you relate to them in some way. I mean the Joker got his own movie in a twisted story over the original showing him completely vulnerable that somehow won him an Oscar. It’s been madness. Even Thanos, who I love as a villain, arguably the best villain we will ever have in the MCU had a story arc that makes you feel for the character, understand his past and his actions even when he’s killing off half a planet of innocents. Yet here in this movie as understanding and calculating as Thanos is, the High Evolutionary is as to being completely malevolent and unhinged. Where Thanos wanted balance, seeking to peacefully snap away those unnecessary, the High Evolutionary only wants perfection and is willing to incinerate anything he deems imperfect.

I never vibed with Kang the Conqueror as the new big bad, everyone keeps going on and on about him, romanticizing his role in the MCU and I think that Quantumania aka Antman 3 just proved how lacklustre he really is. Essentially a human with future tech and a wholly forgettable villain motivation that honestly is neither redeemable nor truly evil. Even the whole “he who remains” introduction whooooo~ spooky didn’t light my engine. So to see this villain, be absolutely cruel and vicious has been refreshing. You hate this guy from start to finish, with a bubbling rage that seethes to the surface the more you watch Rocket’s backstory and uncover what the High Evolutionary actually did to Rocket. I really and truly hate him, he is by far the evilest villain in the MCU.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

No one else comes close. Even just the opening scene, before you even see him fully, shows just his hand extending towards a group of raccoon babies reaching for the one that would be Rocket just send shivers down your spine. Power this guy up then give him a mastermind of a plan and they could really actually have a big bad for the MCU phase 4 and beyond that will actually bring the entire universe to its knees the way Thanos did. Because when he says we will wipe out an existence to build a better one, you can quaveringly believe it. Kang says it and I’m laughing.

In his mind, he is the hero, he is saving everything and every one by making a perfect society with perfect people. He is more than god or rather as he says god is gone so he has to do what he can. Yet like most gods depicted in mythology, he is a vain, fickle and callous god. Shown when he can’t bare the thought of Rocket being smarter than him and even though he values that brain the rest is an abomination to him that he cannot allow to live. But also this stems from his own jealous nature that he will not allow his creations to be smarter than he is.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

He is that typical evil scientist trope that tosses aside experiments he deems useless, immediately wanting them incinerated so he can start a better “batch” as he calls it. As always Marvel nerfs their characters so the only power they gave the High Evolutionary was the ability to manipulate gravity which is a great power, very versatile but again why the limitation? This is a genius-level intellect scientist, I really doubt he would be satisfied with one power and has been known to have base-level superhuman strength, durability and intelligence along with a myriad of powers. True to his ego he eventually becomes unhinged when things don’t go his way and just starts screaming a lot which is what we’ve been missing in villains. Just a psychotic sociopath hellbent on world dominance just because he can.

Adam Warlock is not who we know him to be

He is nothing even remotely close not even to the birth of the comic book version of Adam Warlock. He is this universe’s version of a meagre higher being prototype creation. A neophyte whose whole existence in this movie is forgettable and redundant. They don’t truly give him the character development and story arc his character deserves where instead they let that just sort of fall into the cracks with his end motivations just staggeringly lame. I love Will but I doubt he will ever be the Adam Warlock we know or want. He will be his own toned-down, silly comical version of the character that fits this narrative of the MCU that we just have to deal with.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Movie Review

This is a story about family

The whole movie just reminds us what a family the Guardians of the Galaxy are. The way they fight with each other, are quick to judge, offer up lectures, act in their own self-interests, self-sabotage their relationships, mess up, blow up and otherwise cause all manner of chaos when around each other. But also how quick they are to jump in, all the way in when one of them is hurt or in trouble, how emotional they can get when they think they’re about to lose one another, how they will always have each other’s back when it truly matters even when one of them might have done something that others won’t agree with.

Nebula truly shines more than she ever has.

Karen Gillan just carries so much of this movie and it just shows how much she has been holding the team together, especially in this movie. Yes, she has a tendency to scream a lot in judgement but you see a whole new side to Nebula ‘hither-to undreamt of’. It is such a wholesome character arc for her. You see that she’s more than just the grumpy tortured daughter of Thanos, if anything the tables are turned and where she becomes for Gamora like, the Past Gamora becomes more like grumpy Nebula. There are so many teases and potential teases for her in this movie, I’m really hoping for some of them to pan out in future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 First Trailer Poster

The gore not gore

Everyone early was saying this was the goriest MCU film to date but it just seemed like a regular amount to me, definitely more brutal than previous Guardians movies, especially a spaceship corridor fight scene with an army of hell spawns but that’s hardly cause for concern that this movie is somehow grotesque in any way. It’s just shining a light on animal testing and cruelty while also getting some much-needed revenge on the bad guys.

This needs to be seen in Cinema

Run, don’t walk, fly even to go see this movie in the cinema. The visually stunning scenes alone can only be truly enjoyed on the big screen regardless of your home theatre setup. Trust me. In the way that Avatar 1 and 2 could only be seen in cinema, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 must really be seen at its best on the big screen. Full stop, full recommendation. I definitely suggest seeing it in 3D and at scene Xtreme Nu Metro because I had such an enthralling experience, everything the Guardians do in this movie is just visually more dynamic in 3D. One of Joburg’s largest cinema screens enhanced digital projection and advanced sound.

It is right up there among the Top 5 best Marvel movies ever made. I doubt anything will ever beat titles like Infinity War or Endgame or initial movies like Winter Soldier or Avengers that set it all up but also by what it meant to us back then and how it blew our minds to experience the interconnectedness of the MCU but this stands tall as a lighthouse of love among them, a true masterpiece to remind us of why the MCU is a true art form of movie making in today’s world.

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