Guerilla Games Hires Rainbow Six Siege Devs for Unannounced Game
Guerilla Games
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When you hear the name Guerilla Games now, most people would instantly associate them with their smash hit, Horizon Zero Dawn. However, if you’ve been gaming for a while, you would know that Guerilla Games are also responsible for the PS4 exclusive Killzone franchise. Sure, Shadow’s Fall wasn’t all that great, but after seeing what the devs can do with HZD, my faith in the studio was restored. Now, It looks like Guerilla might be going back to their multiplayer-focused roots with a new, unannounced project.

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Guerilla Games and their new project

Let’s get one thing straight, there is no official announcement from Guerilla about their new project just yet. However, Guerilla has hired two developers who were instrumental in the development of Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. This news comes from an eagle-eyed user on ResetEra named DriftingSpirit.

The first hire was actually several months ago when Simon Larouche, Rainbow Six: Siege’s director, moved over to Guerilla. Before his work at Ubisoft, he worked on Killzone 2 and according to his LinkedIn page, he is now working as the Game Director on an “Unannounced Title” by Guerilla.

Sure, the first hire might be written off as a Guerilla veteran returning to the developer, but now in October, a second hire occurred. Enter Chris Lee, who worked on Siege as an “online and multiplayer designer”. Chris is now the Principal Game Designer on an unannounced game at Guerilla.

I’ve always thought that the one crack in Sony’s massive PS4 exclusive armour is the lack of a big FPS title that can compete with Halo. With renewed confidence thanks to HZD, I, for one, think that Guerilla will come back to the Killzone franchise. Maybe for a launch title on the PS5.

That is, however, just speculation. It remains to be seen what Guerilla will produce, but one thing looks quite certain. They are working on a new game with a multiplayer component.

Are you a fan of the Killzone franchise and what do you think Guerilla Games is working on? Let us know in the comment section below.






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