Development of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could be underway according to new job listings posted by the studio behind Sony’s massive PS4 exclusive, Guerilla Games.

According to these new listings, Guerilla Games is looking for a senior game writer and game writer to join the staff in order to “push the boundaries of dramatic storytelling in open-world games”.

The job listings don’t specifically mention Horizon Zero Dawn 2 but everything the job entails revolves around working on a game that sounds pretty similar to it. “Compelling ideas for game quests, factions and backstories”. Developing narrative designs for quests and game features along with requesting that applicants have experience working on a AAA game and the knowledge of narrative design in open-world RPG games.

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Everything you see above clearly shows that the studio is hiring for a new Horizon Zero Dawn game and with the success of the first title, there will no doubt be a sequel in the world possibly for the PS5. Guerilla Games recently moved into a larger studio space in January where they would possibly begin the development of the sequel.

If the above is indeed Horizon Zero Dawn 2, we will most likely not see it until at least 2022 and not on PS4 either. It took Guerilla Games six years to make the first game as development began back in 2011 with it releasing in 2017. It went down to become the best-selling new IP in PS4 history selling over 10 million copies to date. It is also the PS4’s most successful single-player game to date too.

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