GUNPLA SA is South Africa’s Newest BANDAI Gundam Store


GUNPLA SA is South Africa’s Newest BANDAI Gundam Store

BANDAI Gundam fans in South Africa will be happy to know there’s now a new place to purchase official related model kits, tools, accessories and merchandise. The GUNPLA SA store has now launched in South Africa giving hobbyists a new platform to utilize for all their collecting needs. The aim of GUNPLA SA is to make the BANDAI Gundam range more accessible to users in SA by offering the latest products for veteran fans and newcomers.

For those who don’t know, Mobile Suit Gundam is a massive franchise based on the Japanese anime TV phenomenon that launched back in the eighties. Soon after the Mecha boom that was created by the anime TV show, BANDAI Gundam Model kits became widely popular. Fast forward over twenty years and the GUNDAM model industry is now a multi-billion dollar one with fanatics all over the globe. The series has sold over 450 million Gundam Model kits through its over 2000+ product catalogue.

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The GUNPLA SA store promises to offer everything you need when it comes to the model kits. You can purchase the kits themselves or the tools needed to make them. There’s also a range of gift cards available for customers in case you’re looking for a voucher to give someone special. Not only can you visit the store by going to but you can also pop into the physical store at The Nexus Hub in Randburg Johannesburg to see the range in person. All products purchased on the GUNPLA SA store can be delivered to you or you can also pick them up at The Nexus Hub.

GUNPLA SA is located at the following address:

  • The Nexus Hub, 21 Harley Street,
    • Ferndale, Randburg,
    • Johannesburg, Gauteng,
    • South Africa

You should also keep your eye on the official social media accounts of GUNPLA SA. The store plans on hosting a range of hands-on events in the coming months including workshops for newcomers and get-togethers. You can find GUNPLA SA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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