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Guy Makes 19mm PS5 Slim Console and its Brilliant

While Sony will most likely slim down the PS5 console in a few years, popular YouTuber DIY Perks has beaten them to the punch with a pretty cool custom PS5 slim console that comes in at only 19mm thick. Sure, the project is ambitious and something you’ll probably stay away from, but the end result is a slim and clean PS5 console all packed into a copper slab that fit neatly underneath a TV.

DIY Perks took apart a PS5 Digital Edition and used all the inner components for this PS5 slim project. The only real challenge it seems was finding a way to power and cool the unit. He opted for an external power supply – one which could live outside of the unit and power the console through a long cable. It seems that the power supply on the PS5 is one of the main contributors to the console’s weight and size. This is due to the fact that it simply has to be that big in order to function.

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In a lengthy, well-filmed video, the YouTuber goes through the entire process. He shows off how he dismantled the console, built a new unit housing that featured water cooling and rebuilt the PS5 to fit into this copper housing. One thing to notice is how he created an entire water channel system on the top shell of this slim console which in turn, acts as a full water-cooling system for the console. He basically mimicked what we could usually find on a full PC water cooler but instead of it being tall and thick, spread out the water channel across a thinner sheet of copper.

DIY Perks also does a great job explaining how the PS5 cooling system works and detailing what is actually going on in the console when the fan is going and heat pipes are working. He does this while recreating some of the elements of the console in his 19mm PS5 slim.

PS5 Slim

It is also interesting to see how he went about moving the console components to this new custom water channel build. All while building an entirely new external power supply. This means the power for this PS5 slim console isn’t being drawn from the inside of the console. It is coming from the outside of the unit similar to how the PS2 slim drew its power.

DIY Perks also managed to get this PS5 slim console to operate at a much cooler temperature than the original unit. This is definitely thanks to his custom water channel cooling system. The original PS5 operated at 75C on the SoC whereas his slim unit operated at 65C.

If you have 30 minutes, I highly suggest you watch this video. Especially if you enjoy technology and how it all works together.

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