The Last of Us Part II Leak – Hackers Likely Responsible
"A group of hackers managed to get into Naughty Dog's servers."
The Last of Us Part II leak Release Date
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The Last of Us Part II leaks have been nothing but shocking. Last weekend, someone uploaded a load of spoilers for the upcoming Naughty Dog game and it has caused havoc on the internet ever since. Over on the weekend, Sony announced they had apprehended the leakers. Furthermore, they confirmed the leak did not come from Sony or Naughty Dog. It seems the leakers were actually hackers who managed to get hold of the content through an exploit found in a past Naughty Dog game.

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According to the source, a hacker group were watching Naughty Dog for three months. Furthermore, they discovered a method for accessing the Amazon servers the developer used. They gained access using password information included in the Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us Game code. This was thanks to the game’s multiplayer modes which accessed the AWS servers.

By March, the hacker group stole at least one terabyte of data from the original TLOU server. Unfortunately for Naughty Dog, the developer used the same server to store The Last of Us Part II data. On 30 April 2020, the password and security key was changed after the leaks were uploaded online. Resulting in the hole that caused the leak to close.

I have not seen any of the leaked content. However, according to reports, some of the footage was from a game build in April. It is unclear if the hackers managed to get hold of a playable build of the game or if the server just had the raw gameplay footage in video form. Twitter users Pixelbutts, who reported on the timeline of the leak claimed to have notified Naughty Dog about the security flaw back in February. However, the studio failed to listen to his warning.

Furthermore, Jason Schreier reported this morning that the leak was indeed a hack. The reliable reporter claims two people with knowledge about the hack confirmed this. Many believe the hackers were not looking to exploit the developer. Rather, they were just Naughty Dog enthusiasts excited for The Last of Us Part II. The hack was an attempt to see the game before release.






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