Half-Life Prequel & New VR Headset Reportedly in Development
Half-Life prequel
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We know that Valve is back to making games and at the end of this month, Artifact will release. What we didn’t know was that Valve is apparently working on a new VR headset and this device will reportedly be bundled with a Half-Life prequel. If reports turn out to be true, GabeN won’t have to learn to count to three, all while Valve creates a new Half-Life game to sell their new piece of tech.

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Pictures of the new VR headset apparently developed by Valve leaked online in an Imgur album (as first spotted by Upload VR). One of these images shows Valve engravings on the circuit board. Upload VR reports that their sources have confirmed Valve is working on a 135 degree VR headset, which will come bundled with Valve’s Knuckle Controllers and Half-Life VR. The game is said to be a prequel to the original Half-Life.

Additional information is non-existent at this point and Valve has made no official announcement. This could be fake, or it could be a new iteration of the HTC Vive that Valve is helping to develop. Therefore, remember to always take this information with a grain of salt until such time as an official announcement is made. For the life of me, I can’t grasp how a Half-Life prequel will work, unless it is some type of job simulator where you play as Gordon Freeman doing your daily routine and working at the Black Mesa facility before the incident occurred. Whatever the case may be, more Half-Life is an exciting idea, but a VR game is definitely not what fans of the franchise want, in my opinion.

Check out the images showing the supposed VR headset being developed by Valve below.


What do you think about the possibility of a Half-Life prequel bundled with a VR headset from Valve? Let us know in the comment section below.






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