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Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Has Been Delayed Again

Developer 343 Industries have announced that campaign co-op for Halo Infinite won’t arrive this May as part of their season 2 launch content. Instead, they’re now planning on introducing the co-op mode sometime later in season 2, though haven’t provided an exact date as of yet.

In a recent blog update by 343 Industries, the studio confirmed that they’ve delayed the campaign network co-op so they can continue working on it. The ambitious idea to have 4-player network co-op in Halo Infinite‘s massive open-world is proving tricky to implement, so they’ve decided to delay the experience for a bit more development time.

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The full statement on Halo Infinite‘s campaign co-op delay reads:

“We’re making great progress on Campaign network co-op. And to be clear, this work has been occurring in parallel to Season 2 work, as has our work on Forge.

But the reality is that it’s going to take more time to land a high-quality, full-featured 4-player network co-op experience in the massive, wide-open world of Halo Infinite. We’re also committed to a great 2-player split-screen co-op experience on all Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox One through Xbox Series X—and the non-linear, wide-open sections of the Campaign present some big challenges for split-screen that have taken us more time to solve.

All this means that we will not be able to ship Campaign network co-op on May 3rd, at the start of Season 2. But we are still aiming to deliver Campaign network co-op later in Season 2, and we will share a release date for that and for split-screen co-op as soon as we can.”

All Halo games prior to Halo Infinite launched with the ability to play through the campaign in co-op, most of them allowing for couch co-op too. Halo 5: Guardians was the only exception as it required players to be online to play co-op. While the game was praised in many aspects, Halo Infinite‘s notable lack of a co-op mode didn’t sit well with some fans.

Halo Infinite is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The single-player campaign is also available via Xbox Game Pass.

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