Halo Infinite developer Dan Chosich is one of the only people working on the upcoming video game that have spoken up about last week’s reveal criticism. If you missed it, Microsoft showcased the much anticipated Halo Infinite gameplay during the 23 July Xbox Games event and it was met with some harsh negative feedback. The game, while running at supposed 4K 60FPS looked like Minecraft with shoddy visuals and poor character models.  The announcement even spawned Craig The Brute, a meme representing the game’s visual fidelity or lack thereof.

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If you have lost hope that 343 Industries don’t care about the feedback due to the silence, never fear. Dan responded to a frustrated Twitter follower who is disappointed with the reveal.

Dan’s strong words in regards to honouring Bungie’s legacy hits hard for fans. Bungie, who now own the Destiny series built Halo from the ground up. In addition, The developer released multiple games under the series including the iconic Halo 3. Fans of the series will remember the games as being true masterpieces when it came to PvP and a single-player campaign. However, concern over Halo Infinite is raising questions on the series’ future.

While 343 Industries do indeed have their own way of doing things, it is nice to see one developer paying attention. Dan did not go into details on what this statement means. However, with all the negative feedback from fans, don’t be surprised if there isn’t a Halo Infinite re-reveal in the coming months ahead. Considering the game is a supposed Xbox Series X launch title, we can only hope there’s enough time to fix it.

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