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Halo Infinite Gets Four New Playlists Tomorrow

Halo Infinite will receive four new playlists on 14 December, one of which includes Slayer. Other modes getting playlists include SWAT, Free For All (FFA) and Fiesta. 343 Industries community manager Brian Jarrard confirmed that a new update will roll out tomorrow, along with some changes to the challenge system.

Speaking on Reddit under his username u/ske7ch343, Jarrard confirmed that Slayer, Free-For-All (FFA), Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Fiesta playlists will arrive on 14 December, making good on 343 Industries’ promise that all would arrive by the end of the year.

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At the moment, players cannot choose which game mode they prefer as it randomly rotates between Capture The Flag (CTF), Slayer, Strongholds, and Oddball. The community spoke out about allowing them to specifically stick to one game mode if that’s their preference. Making this even more infuriating is challenges tied to specific game modes, which you can imagine might be frustrating for players relying on a randomly rotating set..

However, Jarrard confirmed that changes will be coming to the challenge system that will mitigate challenges and tasks tied specifically to game modes – at least, Jarrard said that it will remove “particularly frustrating” challenges.

The upcoming playlists will also receive their fair share of challenges in the new update. Meanwhile, 343 is also working hard to implement performance-based XP, something that is sorely missing from the current game. At the moment, players are only rewarded significant XP by completing challenges in-game, and little to none is actually offered for each game you play. This has been a massive point of criticism for the multiplayer, though 343 is also looking to address these issues in the future.

Halo Infinite is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The multiplayer is standalone and free-to-play, while the campaign is available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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