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Halo Infinite Glitch Allows Split Screen Co-Op on Xbox Series X/S

Developer 343 Industries recently announced that it will be scrapping its planned local split screen co-op for Halo Infinite. The feature was originally promised to arrive in the game as an update, but now it’s no longer on the table. However, some users have managed to glitch the menu and trigger split screen co-op on Xbox Series X/S.

A menu glitch present in Halo Infinite, as detailed by Twitter user Zeny_IC, shows exactly how players can “activate” an unofficial split screen co-op mode. Unfortunately this glitch is only limited to Xbox Series X/S. It’s a lengthy and complicated process, but it’s the only way players will be able to play local co-op right now.

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Impressively, the split screen co-op works as intended, meaning there’s no crashes or AI issues. Cutscenes will even play out normally. The split screen co-op can also be played with up to four players, as detailed by Twitter user Scritz Cure.

This method of forcing split screen co-op in Halo Infinite through a glitch isn’t exactly new as it had been attempted before. That said, it raises plenty of questions as to why 343 Industries couldn’t implement this feature in the first place given that the glitch evidently works pretty seamlessly.

Most prior Halo games (with the exception of Halo 5: Guardians) could be played with a friend on a couch via local co-op. This feature was absent from the launch of Halo Infinite, with 343 Industries promising that it would arrive in an update at a later stage. Sadly, the company recently confirmed that it would be cancelling local co-op as the studio doubled down on getting other features, such as season 3 content and the Forge, in top shape.

For the time being, if you’re planning on playing Halo Infinite with a friend via couch co-op, this is the only way to achieve it. You’ll also require an Xbox Series X/S as the glitch doesn’t appear to work on PC or Xbox One as of yet.

Halo Infinite is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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