Halo: Infinite is looking superb according to the latest campaign trailer. It clearly shows that the year-long delay has been worth the wait as the upcoming shooter has been polished and received a boatload of new visual changes compared to last year’s abysmal announcement. Remember Craig? Well, he looks better than ever alongside other visual refinements in Halo: Infinite.¬†

Fans remember Craig from last year’s reveal as the character became an overnight meme for the game. He originally appeared in the first eight-minute gameplay demo and featured some rather lacklustre textures and a low-polygon body. If anything, Craig represents the Halo: Infinite past and goes to show that developers can’t simply announce games and expect fans to be happy when they look like a dumpster fire.

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Since its original announcement last year, Halo: Infinite has undergone some robust changes. The engine has been reworked, textures are refined and the in-game lighting system is brand new. This all results in a fancy looking game that is a day and night difference.

Halo Infinite Halo Infinite

Craig then and now

Craig is not the only improvement in Halo: Infinite. 343 Industries showcased other improvements to the game. This is all specifically related to the campaign as we have already seen a lot of multiplayer gameplay up to this point.

In the six-minute trailer, players get a glimpse of the game world, weapons, actions, vehicles and more. There’s also a lot of new mechanics to see including the RPG additions. Players can now explore the open world and find side locations to visit while obtaining new gear, upgrades and equipment.

Halo: Infinite is set to launch on 8 December for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The multiplayer component of the game is free-to-play while the campaign is a full game purchase. In addition, players with Xbox Game Pass can download and enjoy Halo: Infinite free of charge. Check out the new robust gameplay trailer below.

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