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Halo Infinite Might Be Getting a Battle Royale – Report

343 Industries and Certain Affinity are teasing “new and exciting” content coming to Halo Infinite soon. Reliable leaker Tom Henderson might have given us our biggest hint that this includes a battle royale mode. This also comes in light of previous reports that the mode was being worked on.

Henderson recently quoted a tweet by Certain Affinity who announced that they plan to evolve Halo Infinite with new content. The leaker’s quote read “where we droppin’ boys?”, referencing the phrase used in other popular battle royale titles where players drop on the map.

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Most fans believe that Henderson is actually teasing Halo Infinite receiving some sort of battle royale mode soon. However, this report has been contradicted by another leaker, Surasia, who claims that it’s not a battle royale at all, according to their sources.

It’s possible that Certain Affinity and 343 Industries could be putting their own unique spin on the battle royale genre with this new addition, and might not be a traditional take on it.

Halo Infinite‘s large sandbox could facilitate a pretty exciting battle royale, with plenty of potential to revamp the formula and deliver a more robust and fast-paced take on the genre, complete with the game’s signature features such as the grappling hook, powerful weapons and alien technology.

Despite getting off to a relatively strong start, Halo Infinite‘s free-to-play multiplayer has been criticised for its stilted progression, requiring players to purchase the battle pass. 343 Industries has since balanced these issues somewhat, but the lack of content – including the campaign’s anticipated co-op being delayed – has lead fans to grow restless with the title.

343 Industries, along with Certain Affinity who may also be working on an Xbox exclusive Monster Hunter clone, have promised to provide new content in the months to come. It remains to be seen if a battle royale mode will be enough to bring player back.

Halo Infinite is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The single-player campaign is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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Source: Tom Henderson

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