Halo Infinite PC Features Include Ultra-Wide Support, FOV Slider and More
"Crossplay and cross-progression confirmed"
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Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Halo Infinite will support cross-play and cross-progression when it launches later this year. Players will be able to sync their multiplayer progress including customization and stats across both PC and Xbox hardware for a seamless experience throughout the Xbox ecosystem. We do know that Halo Infinite will feature a free-to-play multiplayer mode when it launches so this is great news for everyone looking to jump into the game.

While 343 Industries is still hard at work improving the game, which was delayed just a few weeks before its launch-day release alongside the Xbox Series X/S consoles, the studio says players will be in for the biggest, more expansive Halo game to date. This includes 120FPS support for multiplayer in certain modes, an open-world experience in the campaign and enhancements including ultra-wide monitor support, triple keybinds and more.


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343 Industries shared new images on Halo Infinite and how the game looks using an ultra-wide monitor. These images which you can see down below make use of a crazy 32:9 aspect ratio. Very few gaming monitors on the market support this mode.

Halo Infinite Ultra-Wide Display PC Support

Along with the ultra-wide monitor support, Halo Infinite will also come with other PC-only features including the following:

  • LAN play, hosting a local multiplayer server on PC that you can join from both PC and Xbox
  • Crossplay, restricting ranked matches to input type rather than console vs. PC, with server-side anti-cheat
  • Adjustable FOV (up to 120 degrees) on both PC and console
  • Mouse and keyboard support on both PC and console
  • Triple keyboard and mouse bindings
  • Visual quality settings up to ultra presets on PC, with individual settings for texture quality, depth of field, anti-aliasing etc.
  • High refresh rate options
  • 21:9, 32:9 “and beyond” ultrawide monitor support on PC
  • Minimum and maximum framerate settings on PC
  • Fixed and dynamic resolution scaling options on PC
  • Optional borderless fullscreen on PC
  • FPS and ping overlay on PC
  • Out-of-game multiplayer invites let you join games through Xbox Live, Discord and Steam


Source: Halo Waypoint







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