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Halo Infinite Story DLC Reportedly Not Planned

343 Industries is reportedly not working on any additional story content or DLC for Halo Infinite, with the studios focus now on making new games built on the Unreal Engine. Halo Infinite was originally developed in the Slipspace Engine, but it looks like the studio might be changing engines to accomodate new content. Unfortunately, none of that will expand the single-player campaign of Infinite, it seems.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, 343 Industries suffered as much as 95 job cuts following Microsoft’s recent mass layoffs. Xbox reassured players that 343 Industries would continue being the sole developer of the Halo franchise after rumours first surfaced about the IP being handed off to another studio.

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Unfortunately, fans hoping for story DLC for Halo Infinite will be disappointed. Bloomberg reports that 343 Industries’ attention has now shifted to multiplayer, potentially an unannounced project codenamed “Tatanka”. This was believed to be some kind of battle royale mode. However, it has since evolved into something far more ambitious, though details weren’t mentioned.

The company will also reportedly be switching engines. Sources claim that the Slipspace Engine which was used to develop Halo Infinite was buggy and difficult to use, leading to the game’s troubled production and slow roll-out of post-launch content. 343 developers are apparently creating prototypes in Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 and pitching ideas for new Halo games. Several Halo Infinite multiplayer game modes are almost finished, including Extraction and Assault, but the studio is still using the problematic Slipspace Engine which is causing slow development.

While it was praised upon launch, Halo Infinite‘s story was also partially criticised for feeling incomplete. Some story DLC might’ve remedied those issues, but it sounds like 343 Industries will be moving on from the campaign. As with all reports, take this with a grain of salt though Bloomberg is a very reputable source of industry information, so there might be truth here.

Source: Bloomberg

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