Halo Infinite Will Grow Over The Next Ten Years – Don’t Expect Halo 7
"Halo Infinite will grow in both story and technology over the next ten years."

Halo Infinite marks the start of a new ambitious decade for the series. 343 Industries announced its intent for the upcoming game’s lifespan as the studio plans on adding content to the game for a number of years ahead. In short, don’t expect to play Halo 2 or Infinite 2 anytime soon. Instead, the upcoming release will grow as the years go by on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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Speaking to IGN, Halo Infinite studio head Chris Lee revealed that the game is the franchise’s last standalone release for the near future. Chris explains the studio wants Infinite to grow over time. Instead of releasing segmented games, Infinite will get new content which will keep bringing players back for around ten years.

It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community,” 

Apparently, 343 Industries plans on adding new pieces of Master Chief’s story to Halo Infinite throughout the coming years. In addition, the studio plans to keep updating the game as technology advances. A free ray-tracing update will arrive shortly after the game launches according to the developer.

While it is unclear how this new additional content will work, perhaps players can expect to explore new planets and uncover new enemies. We know the game won’t require players to brush up on the lore from previous entries. Halo Infinite takes place on the ring and players can explore it as they wish. It is the first open-world Halo (more like open ring imma right?).

Chris claims 343 Industries wants players to experience a story with a beginning, middle and an end. All of this will carry the player through the game as they go. We don’t know if the main game’s story will wrap up and expand as the years go by or if we will have to wait to see it end in the future.

All will be answered soon. Halo Infinite is set to launch this holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Catch up on the gameplay trailer down below.

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