To celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite and the series’ 20th Anniversary, Xbox is now making a limited edition Halo soap fittingly called Spartan Scrub, and you can buy it soon. Partnering with Dr Squatch, Xbox and Halo are teaming up to bring players a soap that promises to make you feel “energized, focused, and ready to take on any challenge in gaming or in life.”

Rather oddly, Dr Squatch describes the soap as being made with a “blend of herbs rooted in Halo lore to help condition and soothe battle-worn skin.” Of course, since none of us are actual battle-worn Spartan soldiers, these buzzwords will surely get curious fans at least interested in trying out the product.

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In case you weren’t already sold on Spartan Scrub, the official description of the soap just adds to the strangeness:

“Its unique exfoliating and skin soothing ingredients are all drawn from the Halo universe, including Sevenbark Root, Little John, and Bishop’s Wort. The aroma was thoughtfully formulated with silver sage, yuzu and cedarwood, and its color inspiration is an ode to Spartan’s Mjolnir green armor and the iconic master chief helmet orange visor.”

Fear not, because the soap is actually made from natural oils and sustainably sourced ingredients, so it might not be the actual scent of Master Chief (if you were wondering). This isn’t the first time that Xbox has made a body and skin product themed around a game, as they pulled a similar marketing stunt in New Zealand and Australia when they partnered with Lynx (known as Axe elsewhere) for Xbox body wash and deodorant.

Dr Squatch specializes in its themed limited edition soaps. If you go to their official website, you’ll find a limited edition section filled with themed soaps from Star Wars and other franchises. It was only a matter of time until Halo became the next popular franchise to receive this treatment. Spartan Scrub goes on sale today for Dr Squatch subscribers starting from $6, while everyone else can buy it starting on 1 November from $8.

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Source: Windows Central

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