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Halo The Series Gets New Trailer and Release Date

Paramount has showcased the first official trailer for the upcoming Halo The Series. The show is set to debut on Paramount+ on 24 March 2022. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of things to come as well as see Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief.

The trailer is filled with your typical Halo flair and includes a look at the Covenant enemies including Elites, Brutes and we even get to see Jen Taylor as Cortana.

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Fans will also notice some iconic Halo weapons in some of the clips. This includes an Energy Sword, Plasma Pistol, a Warthog and even a Pelican.

While the trailer looks good, fans of the series aren’t happy about it. Many of them are criticising the new Cortana played by Joy Taylor. While Taylor voices the character in the video games, the general 3D model has remained the same. They believe Paramount should have stuck to the original model in the TV show too instead of using a human-like appearance.

Speaking of not being authentic to the games, fans are also upset with the voice of Master Chief. They believe that while the character is played by Pablo Schreiber, they should have used Steve Downes as the voice actor (thank you, internet for giving people a platform to complain and be dumb about literally everything).

Fans are also confused as to why a human is on the Covenant. I am sure all will be explained in the show so let us practice some patience. Check out the official trailer below. Sorry for the Spanish subtitles, the official Paramount+ English YouTube account has yet to upload the video for some reason.

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