Hands on with Acer’s thinnest and most powerful Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop
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At the annual Acer press conference in New York City, I had the opportunity to sit down and get some hands on time with the latest Acer has to offer in terms of hardware and tech. Of course we at GameZone love gaming more than anything else, so we were blown away at the companies latest and probably greatest gaming laptop. Remember the Acer Predator 21X that we loved, but it cost around R200K. Well, given that it was essentially a concept machine, Acer upped their game this year, while at the same time lowered the price by a couple of hundred thousand Rands. 

The Predator Triton 700 is a 15.6-inch  FHD laptop that comes in two models. There is a Core-i7 7700HQ, and a Core-i5 7300HQ. The main thing about this device is its great internal fan redesign, as well as the new GTX 10-series cards. It comes with a 16GB of RAM build, and a 32GB model too, both with 512GB SSDs. While those specs might blow away its portable competition, it is the sheer reduction in size and weight that makes the Triton 700 finally a retail competitor. Let's be honest here, the 21X was very big and bulky, and while it was a laptop, no one would ever really cart it around with them. 

The Triton 700 is a mere 2.6Kgs, and about 60% thinner than the 21X. Acer has also taken the previous design of the 21X, being blue and having that clear slate at the top, and made better use of it. Now that clear slate acts as a trackpad, so instead of you having a large detachable one, the trackpad is at the top of the device. Those already complaining, rest assured that this is a gaming laptop, so you should not be using a trackpad anyway unless you are a super gamer that can play Dota 2 with a trackpad.


Acer has also reworked their entire range of built-in fans, and now instead of a classic plastic fan, they have introduced a new fan technology they are calling a 3D fan. This fan is metal instead of plastic, and has a few extra blades in it, as well as has been ergonomically designed to increase fan performance by 35%. This move may see other manufacturers re-thinking their stance on fans, as many of Acer's latest devices either have this new fan tech, or no fan at all and instead have opted for a liquid-cooled CPU. Now all this tech does come at a price, and that price could see you forking out R35,000 for the device when it launches in late 2017.

My initial hands on with the device, after headbutting a few other media to get out of the way, was an amazing experience. Yes, the device was the showstopper at this year's event. It is very light and so thin. 2.5KGs is very light, to be honest, and considering this device packs a GTX 1080, as well as some other fancy tech, I would expect it to be much thicker than it was.

It has moved away from being bulky and is now a solid gaming laptop that you want to take away with you. It's coated in a rubber-like substance that will surely protect you from any scratches, and the overall design boasts the iconic look and feel from the Predator range. 


(The image above has been adjusted so you can see the blue fan which is under the glass that also acts as the trackpad for the device) 

I do believe that there is a strong market for laptop gaming, especially those who love PC gaming and find themselves traveling around. The Triton 700 is small, at only 15-inches, and it is only 18.5mm thick. Acer surely made it clear that they plan on making things smaller and more powerful, and who knows, maybe in a couple of year's time, this Triton 700 could be sitting at a good 15k. Right now the price point might chase some users away, but then again there are so many professional eSports players who swear by the 17-inch Predator, so this could be their next upgrade. 

Take a look at some of the device's best new features in the video below, as well as a gallery of us going hands-on with it. 




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