Hands on with Knack 2 – A superb improvement over the original


Knack is one of PlayStation 4's launch games and it was somewhat poorly received. I, for one, loved the game with its classic platforming mechanics and it's unique story, but many thought it was a let down as a “next-gen” title. This was mainly because it was being compared to other launch and upcoming titles of its time like Killzone: Shadow Fall. and InFamous: Second Son. I managed to get past the lines at E3 this year to get hold of the game.

There were two demos I played which was a story demo and an arena-based level. I started playing off alone and then someone else jumped in to start off the co-op. One great feature of the co-op is that it is seamless. You can literally just press a button to start the co-op and another one to end it.

Knack 2 feels like the game we should have had in the first place, but don't get me wrong, I loved the first title to death. Much of the game's best features from the original game have now been reworked, if not completely redone to benefit from the years of gaming advancements we have had over the years. Combat in the first game was a simple spam situation which saw you hitting the same button over and over to kill enemies. In Knack 2 there is now a combo system where you can chain together various attacks to deal greater damage and not to mention cool-looking moves. 

Knack now has a skill tree to complement this combo system that further enhances your favourite skills. Holding down the square button for a few seconds would see Knack pummel his fists in the direction he was facing. You could then upgrade this skill to increase the number of times he attacked and even the distance it would reach in front of him. Knack can now also block attacks with an awesome-looking shield which he forms with his parts. This shield protects you from attacks, and best of all, the shield can parry projectiles back at enemies if you time it right.

For those who loves playing the original game with a friend of family member, the sequel has improved on every co-op feature and added in more. If you remember the original, it kind of felt like you were the third wheel as a co-op partner. You would just walk around and attack with no real purpose. This is now the complete opposite in Knack 2. Your attacks can be combined with your partner's for even more powerful blows. One attack I learned in the demo was like a charged punch.

Pippa, who also loved the original game, had this to say about her time with the game: “Knack II contains enough of the original to be a good old fashioned 3d platformer, but it improves upon the existing mechanic in ways that make it new and challenging for fans of the series to enjoy. The vastly improved co-op mode will undoubtedly be a hit as its fun for the whole family.”

If you remotely enjoyed the original game then you will love the sequel. The overall experience seems to be much, much better than before in every aspect. For kids, it will be an easier game to master, and for hardcore players, it will be a harder and more detailed game that will focus on combos, new skills, and most of all, new puzzles and platforms.

Knack 2 releases on 6 September 2017 only on PS4. Sony is aiming for a $40 price tag for the game, so it will be affordable and great at the same time. 

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