Hardcore RPG ‘Mortal Shell’ Gets New Gameplay and Beta Test
"Mortal Shell's beta test starts in July."

Mortal Shell was first announced earlier this year and its reveal was pretty vague, the latest gameplay trailer does not change that. However, you will soon be able to try out the game for yourself soon. A Mortal Shell beta is set to kick off on 3 July 2020 for PC. While the game is also headed to PS4 and Xbox One, the beta is limited to PC at this time.

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In order to get a Mortal Shell beta code, users will need to keep their eyes on the game’s official social media channels and discord. You can also sign up to the beta page in hopes for a beta code.

Beta Rules:

  •  You must be 18 years old or above • You’ll need to have an Internet connection and have accepted the User Agreement when redeeming your code
  • Live streaming and image capturing of Closed Beta gameplay is allowed, please share your gameplay and let us know what you think in the beta chat channel when it opens • Report any issues you come across in the future beta channel. Try to reproduce the issue by following the same steps you took and post those steps
  • Discussions around Mortal Shell datamining is not allowed on this server. This includes tutorials, media files, and sharing information about what is found in-game files. We don’t want you to be spoiled ahead of time by something you may see


Along with the Mortal Shell beta news, new gameplay details were also revealed alongside a gameplay trailer. Players will take the role one of four unique ‘Shells’ that each has their own playstyle. However, players will have to find these Shell in order to use them. When killed in a Shell, you will have to track it down in the last location you died in.

The game is a souls-inspired hardcore RPG. NPCs and other characters are lost in the world and searching for meaning. The game features intense combat where players need to time their attacks and parries in order to survive. You will start in a large hub area and can explore any location in the game you wish from the start. Mortal Shell is still set to release sometime in late 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC along with the beta.

Check out the gameplay trailer down below. However, don’t expect anything groundbreaking.

In addition, watch the gameplay interview for more information on the game

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