Harry Potter Wizards Unite Made $300,000 on its First Day
Harry Potter Wizards Unite South Africa
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite plans on taking over the world as much as Niantic’s Pokemon GO up and so far it is looking strong. The game has not launched in South Africa which is a sad state of affairs but in other places, it is raking in some proper dough.

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According to a report by SensorTower, the app reached the No.1 free app spot on Apple’s US App Store in under 15 hours and has been downloaded over 400,000 times. Total spending money across the App Store and Google Play Store have reached about $300,000.

Pokemon GO released back in July of 2016 and also reached the no.1 spot within its first day and started raking in close to $2 million a day during its highest peak. Although the launch was bumpy compared to Wizards Unite with server crashes and the game being completely down for some.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is doing pretty well so far considering it is only available in the UK, US and Australia. Niantic’s decision to roll the game out slowly is most likely to reduce server strain, test features and squash bugs as they appear but it means we will not be able to play the game for some time too.

As soon as Wizards Unite launches in SA we will share updates on the situation.







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