Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide to Gameplay, Items and How to get Energy

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is now available in South Africa and while it is two days late, that should not stop you from going out there and doing all sorts of magical things. If you are familiar with the Pokemon GO series then Wizards Unite will both similar in some ways and in others, quite intimidating. Hopefully, our Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide will help you.

We have put together some tips on the game so you don’t feel like you have been hit with a Confundo spell the moment you start playing.

Before you start make sure you have the game downloaded. Here here for the iPhone and here for Android.

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Things you will find on the map

Don’t be alarmed, Harry Potter Wizards Unite looks very different and the things you will find across the map are strange-looking (at first). Items, Inns, greenhouses, lamps and Fortresses are found throughout the map

Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide

  • Smaller items on the ground come in different rarities. Pick everything you find up but keep an eye on your inventory as it does fill up. Items you find can be used to make potions
  • Greenhouses – Where you can collect potion ingredients and energy
  • Fortresses – Death Eater locations. These buildings require Runestones to enter and you can work with other players to dispel the Death Eaters
  • Street Lamps – These indicate a growing spawn of different Calamities (the game’s encounters). When you are in the area you will discover a lot more of a specific type
  • Inns – The PokeStops of the game. Approach them to receive items. Use Dark Detectors that act as lures to attract foundables. Inns reset every five minutes (they take five minutes to cook food). Food restores energy. Tip – You will want the Turkey Dinner, this restores 10 energy. Smoke coming out of Inns and flags on Greenhouses means you have visited them before. Once the smoke clears and flags vanishes you can interact with them again.
  • Calamities – Floating medals indicating an encounter. These range from magical battles between you and creatures (Confoundables) and Foundables.

Spell Energy is Scarce

Spell Energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is like the game’s PokeBalls, it is hard to come by and without it, you cannot battle or do much. This energy depletes so you need to watch it and in order to get more, you will need to collect it from Greenhouses and Fortresses.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

  • Cast spells slowly and carefully instead of fast and recklessly. Missing a spell point will use energy even if the game does not tell you.
  • Don’t be too slow as the green bar at the top of the battle will deplete and the lower it gets, the less chance you have of winning
  • A masterful successful wizard casts carefully and at a steady pace in order to use less energy.

Potions, Items and Portkeys

Potions can be brewed at any time in the game. These items are used to help you in your magical discoveries. You unlock more different types as you level up and brewing them takes time too. Some potions can take a day to brew while others 2 hours.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Portkeys are the Pokemon Eggs of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Once you walk a specific distance with them equipped, they will unlock and you will have an encounter with a Foundable inside. These come in 2 km, 5 km and 10 km versions. There is also a rare 7 km one.

  • Items you find in the world are stored in your Vault. Your Vault has limited space so make sure you keep brewing potions to use items. You can also spend gold on increasing vault space.
  • Items change and drop depending on the time of day as well as the weather. You can see what weather it is by tapping on the icon.
  • Silver Keys – Used to unlock Portkeys (sort of like the Pokemon incubator). These keys deplete
  • Gold Key – Used to unlock Portkeys. This one does not deplete

Harry Potter Wizards Unite


Professions are unlocked at level 6 and let you train to become an Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Each profession comes with its own skill tree and abilities to unlock. You gain more abilities by earning tokens from encounters and challenges. These can be used to further your studies.

  • Aurors – Combat-focused profession. Grants new ways to defend against dark arts
  • Magizoologists – Team-based profession. Grants new ways to assist teammates
  • Professors – Well-balanced profession between Auror and Magizoologist.


The main goal of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is to explore the world around you, encounter Confoundables and Foundables, defeat them and cast spells to save dispel them, collect images and complete your Registry. Some registry entries require more than one to unlock some others, like Hagrid, can be done by just encountering his Foundable once.

You level up as you explore the world, obtain registry entries and visit Greenhouses, Inns and Fortresses. As you progress you will become a stronger Wizard that will not only encounter more challenging versions of the Confoundables and Foundables but also progress in your profession. Band together in later-game and take on Fortresses to dispel Death Eaters with friends and become as potion master by unlocking all potions as you level up.

Collect your daily rewards and customize your wizard and wand (more becomes available as you level up). Spend your gold wisely as it is the game’s rarest currency but you can also throw some real money at it if you want to.

We will update this Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide as we progress through the game. Let us know what little secrets you have discovered in the comments section below.

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