After teasing a “worldwide” rollout of Harry Potter Wizards Unite earlier this week, Niantic might not see South Africa as being part of the world after all. Harry Potter Wizards Unite launched last night earlier than expected and well, South Africa was not included on the list.

After signing up to countless newsletters and even being spammed on Facebook by the official page, the links to the local version of the game are not available as of yet. Sadly, if you are looking to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite in South Africa, you will have to wait a little longer.

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According to the Android Play Store page, the game is still currently in the “pre-register” phase and as for iOS, there is just no local page for it. If you do visit any international iOS App Store you will be welcomed with the  “not available in your region” pop-up.

When will the game be available in South Africa? Who really knows for sure right now. It was months after the official “worldwide” launch of Pokemon GO that South Africans were able to download the game so we could be in for a long wait.

Is there another way to get the game? Yes, but it will be a waste of time. When Pokemon GO released, users were able to change their store territory and even download the APK and IPA files to install the game. This is possible with Harry Potter Wizards Unite but Niantic have not activated the South African servers so nothing will appear on your game at all making it one useless walking simulator.

If you have the game installed and nothing is happening, it is because the servers are offline. As soon as things pop up like houses, castles and magical encounters, that is when you know the game is officially out. It is a real pity that South Africans will have to play catch up with the rest of the world when Niantic decides to include us in the release schedule but we are not alone. Wizards Unite has not launched anywhere outside the UK, US and Australia.

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