Head of PlayStation Japan Asia Atsushi Morita Retires Right After Shawn Layden Departure
Atsushi Morita Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Shawn Layden
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Yesterday, we reported that Shawn Layden, the head Sony Interactive Worldwide Studios, will be departing the company. Shawn Layden was the face of the PS4 and the PlayStation brand. Now, Atsushi Morita, the Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia president and Sony Interactive Entertainment corporate director, has retired.

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This might just be one big coincidence but people are still wondering why Shawn Layden is departing and speculating that there’s something going on internally at the company, as Sony hasn’t given a concrete reason for Layden’s departure. However, there is a reason for Atsushi Morita leaving, as he has retired after turning 60 years old.

This news comes from Wall Street Journal’s tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki who translated a press release sent out by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Takashi Mochizuki explains on Twitter:

Further, Takashi Mochizuki explains the translation and touches on the departure of Shawn Layden, stating that:

He turned 60 this year, which is kind of about time for the move in Japan. have nothing to say Shawn’s move. SIE just said Shawn departed; I know direct translation of word SIE press release in Japan indicates retirement, but the word really means left position or sort.


With Atsushi Morita retiring, this means that two big players in Sony Interactive Entertainment are leaving the company in less than two days, which will likely fuel a lot more speculation.

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What do you think about the recent departures? Let us know in the comment section below.






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