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Helldivers 2 Gets Petition to Bring The Game to Xbox

We’re only two months into the year and next to Palworld, Helldivers 2 is one of the biggest surprise hits of the year already. The co-op space shooter has attracted plenty of players on PS5 and PC – some even going as far as review-bombing the game’s Steam page for the servers being too crowded – though it has yet to reach other platforms, notably Xbox. A new petition has now been made requesting a port of the game to Xbox Series X/S.

A Change.org petition has been created in the hopes of bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox at some point. “As the interstellar battle against the oppressive alien forces continues, the fervent call for Helldivers 2 resonates across platforms, urging for its arrival on Xbox,” reads the petition.

It goes on to explain:

“The Xbox community stands as a bastion of diverse players, each with their unique stories, strategies, and strengths to bring to the battlefield. By bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox, Arrowhead Game Studios has the opportunity to weave this vibrant tapestry of gamers into the fabric of the Helldivers universe. Just as the original Helldivers united players across platforms, Helldivers 2 on Xbox promises to transcend boundaries, forging bonds that defy the constraints of hardware and fostering a global community bound by a common purpose: victory at any cost.”

Yes, it very much reads like a satirical manifesto lifted straight out of the game, though that was probably the original author’s intention. As of writing, the petition currently has 58k signatures with its next goal aiming for 75k signatures.

Fans noted the similarities between Helldivers and Halo ODST, which also features a drop-ship battle unit. “The amount of veteran ODST players waiting to join the frontlines against the automatons and terminids is actually insane,” wrote one Twitter/X user.

Whether Arrowhead Game Studios listens to the petition or not is anyone’s guess, though we suspect that a timed exclusivity deal might be in place that could be lifted in the near future, allowing the game to reach more platforms including Xbox.

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