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Helldivers 2 Hits Mixed Steam Reviews As Server Issues Persist Almost Two Weeks Later

Steam users are fed up with the constant server issues plaguing their Helldivers 2 experience. While it was forgivable for the first week or so after the game’s launch, players have now voiced their disappointment after being unable to play the game for three days in a row.

Helldivers 2 was originally released to “Mixed” reviews on Steam but those negative reviews were due to the game’s launch-day bugs and anti-cheat DRM. Slowly but surely positive reviews arrived for the game which nudged the status to “Positive”.

The game was sitting on 74% yesterday but that has since dropped down to 68% after a recent wave of negative reviews slammed the game for server issues.

The mass wave of backlash arrived on 18 February when the server issues started and each day since, more players have shared their negative experiences. Some user reviews show players have spent over a dozen hours in Helldivers 2 but only one hour actually playing the game due to server problems.

Most of the reviews have criticised the Helldivers 2 servers saying the game is unplayable and is not recommended as a result. From not being able to log into the Helldivers 2 servers to missing rewards and constant disconnection errors, the game is frustrating.

Please do not purchase this game until the developers rectify the current and consistent server issues (max capacity, dropped at the end of a match, no rewards, CTD, black screen on launch, extremely long login queues, etc.). The game is simply unplayable if you are unable to log in. It’s online-only, so even solo play unfeasible at present.

It is a tricky situation. Helldivers 2 launched on 8 February and since then has seen a new all-time player peak each day since. Last night, the game reached 411.259 players on Steam, up from 409,367 the previous night and 327,625 the night before. However, as the peak player count rises, servers have been reduced to improve stability.

The official Helldivers 2 Discord has been disrupted by angry gamers too. All the available chats are spammed with server complaints as Arrowhead Game Studios has failed to provide a recent update on the situation.

The last feedback was on 17 February went the studio claimed it was increasing the server capacity. However, that increase was then met with a decrease to help improve server stability.

I was unable to play Helldivers 2 for the second night in a row last night. I waited an hour on the login screen only to give up and go back to grinding Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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