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Helldivers 2 Looks Incredible in New Co-Op Trailer

Helldivers 2 is an upcoming action co-op game for PS5. If you played the original Helldivers on PS4, the game will sound quite familiar but by the look of things, Helldivers 2 aims to deliver a bigger, more explosive action game with more customization, larger maps and bigger enemies.

The first big change in Helldivers 2 is the new third-person camera. While the original game went with a top-down camera, Helldivers 2 is now played from a closer, third-person perspective which gives players the opportunity to feel more immersed in the world and action.

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Stratagems return in Helldivers 2 where players can call down a series of drop pods from orbits into the battlefield by pressing a sequence of buttons. These drop pods come in all shapes and forms. From weapon drops to quickly change your loadout on the go to turrets which help mow down the alien scum.

If your fellow teammate goes down in battle, you’ll also need to use the Strategems system to revive them by calling down a new revived player from orbit.

According to developer Arrowhead Games, Stratagems are now more important than ever in Helldivers 2. Players will need to decide what Stratagems they take with them on a mission in order to tackle the challenge on the map. For example, orbital strikes are more effective against nests while armour-shattering missiles are better suited for large brute aliens.

Helldivers 2 also features friendly fire. This is a system taken from the previous game where anything can kill your teammate. If they happen to be under a drop pod you just called in, they will get squashed. You can also shoot them by accident. If anything, this feature made the first game quite comical so it is nice to see it returning in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is set to launch on PS5 and PC later this year. The game currently doesn’t have a release date. Check out the trailer below:

Source: PS Blog

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  • Nikki_boagreis 9 July 2023

    The tactical co-op gameplay mechanics they showcase in the trailer look’s amazing.

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