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Hellldivers 2 Suffers From Rocky Launch on PC

Helldivers 2 launched yesterday on PS5 and PC. While PS5 players seem to be having a good time, PC players, on the other hand, are dealing with some nasty bugs and crashes hindering their fight for Super Earth.

Arrowhead Game Studios has been forthcoming with the updates. The studio has addressed the server hiccups which have been affecting some players on both platforms. On PC, there’s also the first update to help address some bugs and crashes. The studio says the patch should be deployed onto PS5 soon to help iron out some issues there too.

PC players will need to wait a bit for all the issues to get ironed out. The latest patch has improved the game but users are still reporting a few nasty crashes here and there.

On Reddit, there’s quite a lot of talk regarding the game’s problems. It seems PC is the platform suffering from the biggest problem.

Of course, the rocky launch has led to some nasty Steam User Reviews too. The reviews are a mix of complaining about the game’s anti-cheat DRM and the crashes. With over 10,000 reviews, Helldivers 2 is sitting on “mixed” at 68%.

On PS5, the experience is much better. I played the game last night and had no issues with crashes. I was also able to join friends and play matches. Arrowhead Game Studios has acknowledged that some users are encountering a Quickplay issue where they are unable to join lobbies with random players. Hopefully, this next patch fixes that problem.

You can stay up-to-date with the Helldivers 2 known issues and fixes by following the official Twitter account here.

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