Henry Cavill Warhammer 40K Movie Adaptation Update
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Henry Cavill Shares Update on Warhammer 40K Adaptation

Actor Henry Cavill has shared a very brief but promising update on the progress of his Warhammer 40K movie adaptation which he is set to star in. Cavill, who is also a well-known die-hard fan of the Warhammer tabletop games, will produce the upcoming movie adaptation, though we don’t have a release date, window or cast list just yet.

Speaking to Collider in a recent interview, Cavill talked about his Warhammer 40K adaptation, giving us an update on its progress. “Warhammer is progressing very well,” he said. “Big things are happening and we are very excited.” While it’s not exactly a huge update, it’s at least a reassuring sign for fans still looking forward to the big screen adaptation. It’s unclear what “big things” Cavill means but we’ll surely know sooner rather than later.

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Henry Cavill is best known for portraying Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Justice League, but he’s also known for playing Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher series. In a rather controversial move, Netflix decided to replace Cavill with Liam Hemsworth for The Witcher‘s fourth season after Cavill reportedly butted heads with producers over the creative direction of the show. The producers reportedly mocked the source material – something that Cavill took very seriously.

One look at the show’s second and third seasons will tell you everythnig you need to know about how far it strayed from the source material too – a touchy subject matter for fans who feel that the adaptation, while still decent, isn’t doing the novels any justice. Naturally, the backlash was enough to sink the fourth season’s chances of getting any sort of meaningful traction, especially since Cavill was a big reason why the series attracted so many viewers in the first place.

Warhammer 40K is still in development.

Source: Collider

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