We don’t know where it came from or how the user got hold of it but an Xbox Series X unboxing appeared online just hours after photos of warehouses containing stock showed up. While this is not the most ideal way to experience an unboxing, it does give users a glimpse at how Microsoft has packaged the console for launch. The unknown user seems to be a YouTuber or streamer as his game room is full of lights and a streaming set up. However, how he got his hands on the console is a mystery. It also does not help that his ‘official’ video has since been set to private.


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Luckily this is the internet and everyone can access everything. Multiple users have since uploaded the video proving you cannot delete anything.

The Xbox Series X unboxing is pretty cool. Microsoft put a lot of effort into creating a new experience for buyers and the overall presentation is fantastic. Instead of the box just opening and while you slide your console out, it now folds open revealing the console wrapped in a “Power Your Dreams” paper.

The reveal is quite a moment to appreciate as the box opens up like some sort of alien loot box from Borderlands 3. While we don’t get to see anything in detail, we do know the box contains the console, Xbox Wireless Controller, 2x AA batteries and some cables.

Check out the unboxing down below. Hopefully, someone will have a decent one up soon for you to watch. However, this is a great start.

The Xbox Series X launches worldwide on 10 November 2020. Stay tuned for more coverage as we leak up to the release.

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