Here’s The Official Xbox Series X and S Next-Gen Console Walkthrough
Xbox Series X S South Africa Pre-Orders
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Microsoft has released a full in-depth walkthrough of both the next-gen Xbox Series X and S. The video touches on everything you need to know and will experience when you pick up your console on 10 November. The video does a great job detailing not only the new console’s Dashboard and UX but how certain games are taking advantage of the hardware to push higher frames and higher resolutions.


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In addition to the various games on show, Microsoft also details how Quick Resume works. They show quickly switching between Gears 5 and DIRT 5 using the Quick Resume feature. This allows users to almost instantly change between games without the need to close the one they are playing.

When it comes to the Xbox Series X and S controller, Microsoft detailed the small changes users will find on the device. This includes improved ergonomics and the brand-new D-pad which is inspired by the Elite Series 2 controller. In addition, the Xbox controller finally has a share button which allows users to instantly record and save screenshots in-game. This makes it easy to share the content you capture. Users can use an app to share the content or use the built-in console sharing feature.

Check out the full walkthrough video down below in case there were any questions you had about the Xbox Series X and S. The next-gen consoles are set to launch worldwide on 10 November 2020.







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