We know the upcoming PS5 game Horizon Forbidden West will feature a bigger map, a load of new enemies and mechanics to master. In addition, we know the game is set in San Francisco thanks to a few brief glimpses at the environments seen in the reveal trailer. However, how do these environments compare to real life and just how much has the world transformed since humanity walked the earth? Reddit user Ewaan put together a comparison of the game’s landmarks and their real-world counterparts.

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The image which you can see down below compares some of San Francisco’s iconic landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of the Fine Arts, City Hall and more. In addition, the user placed these real landmarks alongside the ones seen in the game’s trailer. If anything, we can get a better understanding of how drastically the world has changed since it was destroyed hundreds of years prior to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Forbidden West

While the original game was set in Colorado and Utah, it is nice to see how the sequel will be taking players to locations they possibly visit and see on a daily basis. Furthermore, what we have seen in the trailer is simply a small taste of what is to come. A lot of the footage such as the desert ruins and snowy mountains will also hold secrets and landmarks to discover.

According to the game director, Forbidden West will feature virtually no loading screens at all. Catch up on those game details here. While you are at it, rewatch the magnificent PS5 reveal trailer down below. Horizon Forbidden West is set to release sometime in 2021 only on PlayStation 5.

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