We know the upcoming PS5 is huge. By comparison, it is the biggest console Sony has ever made to date. It is taller than the original phat PS3 and thicker than the PS4 Pro too. Just know you will need a pretty big TV cabinet to house the device. But what about the PlayStation 5 weight? Well, it is not as important as the size but still interesting to know just how heavy the console is.

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According to a new Amazon listing, the PS5 weighs 4.78kgs. To put that into comparison, it is lighter than the original PS3 which weighed 5kgs. It is also 1.4kgs heavier than the PS4 Pro and 1.9kgs heavier than the standard PS4 console.

PS5 weight

Hopefully, we will see more of the console soon. Personally, I am very interested in a glance at the back of the device including what ports it will include and whether or not Sony has ditched the optical audio jack. I also want to know how many USB ports the console will include. Every iteration of the PS4 console had an issue with the lack of USB ports.

Sure, the PlayStation 5 weight is not a deal-breaker by any means. You will most likely set it up and leave it on your shelf for most of its life. However, if you ever planned on moving it around, at least you know how heavy it is. Still, with so little detail about the actual console out in the wild, it is nice to see something new about it for a change.

PS5 Console PlayStation 5

There’s a rumour going around that Sony is said to show us the internals of the console this week through a blog post. This includes a teardown and a look at the cooling system. Keep in mind that this is still a rumour so until it happens, don’t believe it.

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