Here’s How PS5 Console and Game Sharing Works
'Users can still share licences with friends just as they did on PS4."

PS4 owners all know the joy of sharing purchases with a friend. Many of us use the feature that allows one user to buy a game and a friend or family member can play it as long as their PS4 is activated as the “Primary Console”. This service works for PlayStation Plus which means if you have two PS4 consoles in a household, both can use the subscription as long as one is the primary. Of course, there are restrictions to this. Only the owner of the licence can use the game/subscription on the non-primary console and it has to be connected to the internet all the time. However, on the primary console, everyone has access. Sony has kept the same system in place for the PS5 game and console sharing but the system is now called “Console Sharing and Offline Play”.


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Instead of activating your PS5 console as a primary when game sharing, users now need to head to Settings – Users and Accounts – Console Sharing and Offline Play and either disable or enable the console. If your PS5 is disabled, the Game Sharing is deactivated and only the owner of the license can use the content. If the setting is enabled, then everyone on the console benefits from your purchases.

PS5 Console Game Account Sharing

In short, the system works exactly the same as it does for PS4 but with PS5 Game Sharing being under a new name. In addition, the setting claims that whatever you choose to disable and enable in this mode does not impact your PS4. This means users can technically have a PS4 console set as their primary, which also benefits from their games as well as a PS5 doing the same thing. How restricted this system is when it comes to the number of people playing the same game is still unclear.

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