Here’s How Spellforce III: Reforced Works With a Controller

"RTS games on console are never easy"

Spellforce III Reforced Controller
Here’s How Spellforce III: Reforced Works With a Controller

Spellforce III: Reforced is making its way to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5 in June. As RTS games go, they are not easy to play on a console mainly due to the complex mechanics that require a mouse to navigate through all the menus and actions. However, developer Grimlore Games has tailored the actions in Spellforce III: Reforced to take advantage of a controller by layering the actions players can take in the game under button inputs.

The developer released a Spellforce III: Reforced controller trailer that touches on the experience in the game while using a DualShock, DualSense or Xbox controller. By the look of things, while the game might take some getting used to, once mastered, gamers should be able to micromanage everything available without much hassle

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These controller inputs revolve around holding down buttons to select your units, cycling through the various actions with the shoulder buttons and even assigning construction workers to the various tasks with the d-pad.

I am most certainly not going to say that the game looks easy to play with a controller. Past RTS games have proven to be quite a challenge to get used to. However, the game does seem to be refined in terms of actions and commands. As an RTS fan, I can’t wait to see how this console port turns out. Watch the detailed controller explanation down below. Spellforce III: Reforced is due to release on 7 June for PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

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