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Here’s How to Enable DLSS and XeSS on Starfield

Starfield doesn’t have DLSS support out of the box. This is due to AMD’s partnership with Bethesda which saw the game get FSR2 instead. Sure there are some advantages to FRS2 and it allows the game to get upscaled on Xbox Series X/S but NVIDIA owners should have the option to use DLSS and now they can.

Modder PureDark promised DLSS support at the launch of Starfield and they delivered. Thanks to a new Starfield DLSS mod called Starfield Upscaler, you can now enable DLSS on the game while disabling FSR2 and never look back.

The mod is super easy to install and currently supports DLSS2 and XeSS. There’s no DLSS3 support yet but hopefully, it will arrive in the near future.

All you need to do is extract the mod, replace some files and press END in-game to bring up the mod screen. Here, you’ll be able to tweak some of the settings. Keep in mind they are limited. The mod notes read:

  • DLSS/DLAA is only supported by RTX cards, Intel GPU can use XeSS.
  • I included a ReShade CAS effect because DLSS has no integrated sharpener anymore.
  • And if you want to install another ReShade preset, just go ahead, but remember to rename the dxgi.dll from ReShade to d3d12.dll after installation and extract the dxgi.dll from this mod again!
  • Performance gain depends on how much you are GPU limited, if you don’t see any gains it’s very normal, you are most likely CPU limited.
  • Even if you can’t get more FPS in a CPU-limited case, you are however getting the superior AA from the DLSS pipeline, or you can just use DLAA (with performance cost).

This is obviously just the start for Starfield mods. We know a community patch is also in the works and more mods will arrive as soon as the game launches publically next week.

Make sure to grab the Starfield DLSS mod here.

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