Here’s Ten Minutes of Intense Evil West Gameplay

"Out 20 September"

Evil West
Here’s Ten Minutes of Intense Evil West Gameplay

Evil West is set to launch on 20 September and the latest extended gameplay trailer doesn’t shy away from the action. You can definitely see that the game has been developed by Flying Wild Hog, the same studio that brought us the Shadow Warrior games and most recently, Trek to Yomi. 

In the trailer, we get a good look at the overall gameplay including exploration, parkour and how players will use all sorts of weird and wonderful weapons to take down the bad guys (and monsters) in the game.

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Evil West features your typical third-person, over-the-shoulder shooting but the game’s intense gore and combat make it exciting to play. Players can hammer fire their handguns, punch enemies into the air and even launch them into objects scattered around the area.

With a full robust upgrade system, Evil West will also offer unique gameplay styles for different players. The skill tree ranges from upgrading your gun attacks and shots to improving your melee combat style by enhancing how you punch and slice up your opponents. The revolver, for example, can be supercharged to an electric augmented version that also ricochets bullets when shot.

Evil West

You also get perks that live outside of the skill tree. Perks are permanent buffs that increase damage after performing certain combos and even increase your overall health. Some perks also enhance current skills that you have previously unlocked by granting them new elemental effects. For example, Quack Punch enhanced your slam attack by knocking down enemies and dealing damage to nearby foes.

The trailer also shows off a boss fight between Highborn. This vampire flying creature looks badass. The player is seen using all of his weapons and attacks possible to take it down but it doesn’t go out without a fight. You’ll need to dodge attacks and watch for openings before dealing damage.

I don’t know about you but Evil West has suddenly nudged its way to the top of my most anticipated games list for the year.

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