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Here’s What The God of War Ragnarok Steelbook and Map Runes Say

When Sony announced God of War Ragnarok news this past week the company also unveiled a range of Collector’s Editions that will launch in November alongside the game. Inside these fancy and expensive versions are maps and steelbooks that contain runes that hint at the game’s story. While at first, you wouldn’t ever think of actually deciphering them, this is the internet and there’s always someone out there with a keen eye. A Reddit user has translated the runes in both the God of War Ragnarok map and the included steelbook (the one you get in the Collector’s Edition that doesn’t come with a disc).

They also had a go at some of the hidden details found throughout the game’s special “shrine” box that includes the hammer and all the rest of the content. The translation definitely gives us a hint of some of the things we will encounter and see in God of War Ragnarok.

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It goes without saying that if you want to go into the game completely blind then close this tab now. The runes don’t include spoilers but I can understand if you would rather avoid everything and all details regarding God of War Ragnarok. 

The Map

For Brok And Sindri and their ambitions to become the worlds

greatest blacksmiths, training in their dwarven home realm was

only the beginning of their path. Sure they created wonders like

draupnir and the cloak of feathers but true genius requires a broad

education. They sought it out in all nine realms as well as the space

in between the great world tree iggdrasil besting their previous creations with the

hammer mjolnir and the great leviathan axe. None save the gods have been able to

chart our strange geography but among mortals few can boast the expertise enjoyed

by the huldra brothers whose ability to navigate and traverse the realms rivals

even that of odin all father.

The Steelbook

Twilight Beckons. The Bear and Wolf travel the realms nine hoping to stop that which seems inevitable. Their bond will be tested, yet they must hold together for the good of all.

The Shrine

The user says the shrine is already known to us. It is the same Groa’s Jotnar shrine we learnt about in the 2018 release. These shrines were scattered across the world and players had to open them to learn more lore about the game. However, the one in the CE, while it does show off some sort of story, is all up to self-interpretation until we can actually play the game and link the images to the story.

Fans have also uncovered more details of the game through the map. Santa Monica Studios didn’t hold this item back during the unboxing video. In fact, they opened it up and showed the art off. The map includes all nine realms which leads us to believe that unlike the 2018 release of God of War which covered 5 explorable realms, Ragnarok will see players venture to all of them.

God of War Ragnarok is due to release on 9 November 2022 for PS5 and PS5. Catch up on the Collector’s Edition contents here alongside the trailer.

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Source: Reddit

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