Here’s What The PS5 DualSense Controller Looks Like in Colour

PS5 DualSense Controller NextGen
Here’s What The PS5 DualSense Controller Looks Like in Colour

Last night Sony unveiled the official PS5 controller called the DualSense and so far gamers around the world have mixed feelings about it. Some praise the new and fresh design while others say it is exactly like the Xbox Series X controller (not sure how). One thing that has everyone on the fence is the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller colour scheme which is quite different from past controllers. Its black and white palette will make the controller stand out amongst the rest.

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But what would a colour DualSense Controller look like? Perhaps Sony has plans to release some unique colour variants in the future. Well, within a few hours of the controller’s announcement, people all over the internet created mockups of their ideal DualSense Controller design and so far, we can’t wait for Sony to release something along the same lines in the future. Take a look at some of the best;

Of course, we have the all-black variant with coloured buttons and a coloured PS Logo. Sony has removed all colours from the buttons in the new controller which has some people upset.

Some vibrant colours could do well as launch options. The DualShock 4 released in a red and blue at release;

We then have some video game related versions including a Spider-Man, The Last of Us, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn;

Last but not least we have a DualSense Super Mario controller colour just for laughs;

PS5 DualSense Controller Next-Gen

What do you think of these PlayStation 5 controller designs? Let us know down below.

Header image: DormStreams

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